How can I display a live materialized view in a web UI and bind it to ag-Grid with WebSocket support or Middleware for live updates?

I am looking for a simple solution to display a live materialized view in a web UI and bind it to ag-Grid. I am interested in options like WebSocket support for client subscriptions or suggested Middleware for live updates.



Asked on Apr 08, 2024

  1. Consider querying the materialized views periodically:

Instead of subscribing to changes via WebSocket or Middleware, you can have the visualization layer query the materialized views directly, possibly through a PostgreSQL REST proxy, at regular intervals.

  1. Sink data to Kafka for near real-time updates:

You can sink the data from the materialized view to Kafka and then read from Kafka to get near real-time updates. This approach depends on how the pipeline is configured.

  1. Explore Pulsar WebSocket API:

If you are interested in WebSocket support, you can explore using Pulsar's WebSocket API. Pulsar provides a WebSocket API that you can leverage for real-time data streaming. You can try using Pulsar's WebSocket API with the sink to achieve live updates in your web UI.

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