How to connect to RisingWave from Java or Python for storing data in a streaming database and running SQL queries?

ML engineer looking to connect a Kafka consumer to RisingWave for storing ML model classifications in a streaming database and running SQL queries. Seeking documentation or examples on using JDBC drivers in Java or SQLAlchemy in Python with RisingWave.


Nayan Shah

Asked on Oct 26, 2022

  • RisingWave currently supports connecting via psql.
  • For JDBC/Sqlalchemy, full support is on the roadmap, but users can connect by filling in parameters passed in psql.
  • Python users can use psycopg2, and Java users can use JDBC with RisingWave.
  • The process involves connecting, running simple queries, and reading results, similar to setting up an app to query a PostgreSQL database.
  • No need to implement new drivers as JDBC support is already available in RisingWave.
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