How to troubleshoot connection errors in setting up a sink into MySQL in a Kubernetes environment of RisingWave?

I am encountering a connection error while trying to create a sink into MySQL in a Kubernetes environment of RisingWave. The error message indicates a failed connection to the connector endpoint. I have verified that the connector node is deployed in the cluster. How can I troubleshoot and resolve this connection error?



Asked on Jul 06, 2023

  1. Verify if the connector is enabled by checking the replicas configuration.

  2. Ensure that the network connectivity is good, both from outside to Kubernetes and within the Kubernetes cluster.

  3. Deploy the connector node in the cluster and confirm its availability.

  4. Check the database endpoint configuration to ensure it is pointing to the correct instance.

  5. Consider testing the JDBC sink with a self-hosted MySQL to isolate the issue.

  6. If using AWS Aurora (MySQL), note that it may still be in the research phase, so additional testing and verification may be required.

  7. For AWS Aurora Postgres CDC, it is recommended to test it separately as thorough testing may not have been conducted yet.

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