What are the QPS benchmarks for RisingWave and when will the YCSB results be published?

Hubert is new to RisingWave and seeking documentation on QPS. Yingjun and Martin provided QPS benchmarks for RisingWave. TrueGoric inquired about the cluster specifications for the benchmarks and the publication of YCSB results. Sumit Mittal mentioned the YCSB results are in review and will be released soon.



Asked on Feb 16, 2023

  • RisingWave QPS benchmarks:
    • Number of threads: 16
    • QPS: 12508.40 per sec
    • Latency (ms):
      • min: 0.52
      • avg: 1.28
      • max: 211.26
      • 99th percentile: 1.96
  • YCSB results for RisingWave are in review and will be released soon.
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