How to persist metadata in etcd service in Kubernetes deployment?

I am using a Kubernetes deployment with etcd+s3, and I am facing issues with data loss when redeploying services. How can I persist metadata in the etcd service to prevent data loss?


mahmoud elhalwany

Asked on Jan 26, 2023

  • To persist metadata in the etcd service in a Kubernetes deployment, you need to configure the --data-dir and --wal-dir options for etcd.

  • The default data directory for etcd is /var/lib/etcd, and it can be configured using the --data-dir flag.

  • Additionally, you can set the --wal-dir flag to specify the write-ahead log directory for etcd.

  • By setting these directories to persistent volumes, you can ensure that the metadata and data in etcd are not lost during service redeployment.

  • It's important to configure these directories properly to prevent data loss and maintain the integrity of the etcd service.


./etcd --data-dir=/path/to/data/dir --wal-dir=/path/to/wal/dir
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