Why is the NATS Source Connector not assured future support in RisingWave?

I'm concerned about the future support of the NATS Source Connector in RisingWave as it is marked as experimental with a disclaimer about potential discontinuation. I would like to understand the reasons behind this uncertainty.


Raphael Stonehorse

Asked on Dec 08, 2023

  • Experimental features, including the NATS Source Connector, are marked as such due to limited testing in various scenarios, making them less stable.
  • The disclaimer about potential discontinuation is a standard notice for all experimental features and not specific to the NATS Source Connector.
  • RisingWave aims to ensure stability and support for features used by its users, and discontinuation is not arbitrary.
  • Feedback from users like myself can influence the decision-making process and potentially lead to improvements in communication and feature support policies.
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