How to check the status of a source in Risingwave?

I have a Kafka backed source but queries on the source never finish, while queries on the materialized view produce empty results. How can I check the status of the source in Risingwave?


Igor Artamonov

Asked on Mar 03, 2024

  • To check the status of a source in Risingwave, you can look at the logs from compute nodes and meta to identify any unusual errors.
  • If there are parsing errors like failed to parse message, skipping error=internal error: AccessError: Other(Column type Timestamp not implemented yet), it might indicate issues with column types in the source definition.
  • Ensure that the timestamp field in the Kafka messages is correctly handled, for example, using INCLUDE timestamp as kafka_ts in the Source definition.
  • Consider upgrading Risingwave to version 1.7.0 if you encounter timestamp-related issues in older versions.
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