Why is my RisingWave instance crashing with 'os error 111' when trying to create/drop resources?

I'm experiencing an issue with my RisingWave instance where the frontend works, but the processing stops, and I can't create or drop resources due to an 'os error 111'. The logs indicate a connection refused error when trying to connect to and Additionally, there's a backtrace provided and a separate error from MinIO about an incomplete body. I'm running the latest version of RisingWave with a docker-compose deployment. How can I debug this issue?


Krzysztof Sota

Asked on Apr 04, 2024

It seems like the Compute Node (CN) cannot connect to the Meta node, as indicated by the error message risingwave_rpc_client::meta_client: failed to fetch members addr=<> error=status: Unavailable, message: "error trying to connect: tcp connect error: Connection refused (os error 111)". To debug this issue, you should check the state of the Meta node. Since you're using a docker-compose deployment, you can try running docker ps -a to find the meta container. If you only have the standalone container, as shown in your docker compose ps output, it might be that the Meta service is not running as a separate container, which could be causing the connection issues.

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