How to address frequent CPU quota warnings in Docker containers?

I'm running a Docker compose example and I'm seeing a warning about failing to get the CPU quota in the container printed very frequently. The warning message is:

WARN risingwave_common::util::resource_util::cpu: failed to get cpu quota in container, use system value instead err="not a number"

The system seems to be working fine despite the warnings, but I'm concerned that the frequency of the warnings might indicate an underlying issue. Should the warning be throttled, or is there a way to address the cause of the warning?


Mark Needham

Asked on May 04, 2023

It appears that the behavior of the system is correct, as the 'max' value in the /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu.max file implies that the system value should be used. However, instead of throwing an error and raising a warning, the system should simply return the system value. I will look into fixing this issue so that it handles the 'max' value appropriately without generating frequent warnings.

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