How can I use postgres_fdw to connect RisingWave and what are the challenges faced?

I want to connect my primary postgres to RisingWave using postgres_fdw, but encountering errors related to ISOLATION LEVEL. What are the steps to use postgres_fdw for this purpose and what challenges may arise?


Ming Fang

Asked on Jan 03, 2024

  1. To use postgres_fdw to connect RisingWave, you can follow these steps:
  • Create a foreign server for RisingWave
  • Import the foreign schema from RisingWave
  • Query the tables from RisingWave in your primary postgres
  1. Challenges faced when using postgres_fdw to connect RisingWave:
  • Errors related to unsupported features like ISOLATION LEVEL
  • Potential performance issues due to internal cursor usage in postgres_fdw
  • Need for additional testing and support from RisingWave for compatibility
  • Consideration of alternative solutions like using sinks or materialized views for data integration
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