How to connect Metabase to RisingWave database?

I'm having trouble connecting Metabase to my RisingWave database. I tried setting the database type to PostgreSQL and using the risingwavelabs/metabase-risingwave-driver, but encountered errors. Is there any installation guide available for connecting Metabase to RisingWave?


Arunangshu Biswas

Asked on Aug 25, 2023

  • Ensure you are using the correct version of RisingWave and Metabase for compatibility.
  • Check the deployment method of RisingWave (e.g., risedev, docker, docker compose).
  • Follow the installation guide provided by RisingWave for connecting to Metabase.
  • Consider any specific configurations or dependencies required for the integration.
  • Test the setup with the specific Metabase version (e.g., 1.46.4) to ensure compatibility and functionality.
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