How to deploy RisingWave on aarch64 with 64k page size on Linux?

I am facing issues deploying RisingWave on aarch64 with a 64k page size on Linux. The console output shows jemalloc errors and a std::bad_alloc exception. The OS is CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (AltArch) with kernel version 4.18.0-348.20.1.el7.aarch64. How can I resolve this issue?


W Law

Asked on Mar 27, 2024

  1. The jemalloc library used by RisingWave does not support the 64k page size configuration on your ARM machine.

  2. A fix for the 64K page size issue has been merged in the RisingWave repository. You can wait for the upcoming release 1.9, or use the nightly docker image, or build RisingWave from the main branch.

  3. To build RisingWave from the main branch, you need to export JEMALLOC_SYS_WITH_LG_PAGE=16 before running cargo build.

  4. Keep an eye on the RisingWave repository for updates on the release containing the fix for the 64K page size issue.

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