Where can I find the compatibility matrix for Delta Sink connector of RisingWave? Does RisingWave Delta connector support Delta 2.4.0 and Spark 3.4.1?

Sơn is looking for information on the compatibility matrix for Delta Sink connector of RisingWave, specifically if it supports Delta 2.4.0 and Spark 3.4.1. The discussion provides insights into the versions mentioned in the documentation and testing done by the team members.

Sơn Lê

Asked on Nov 25, 2023

  • RisingWave currently supports Delta Sink Connector with versions 2.2.x for Delta and 3.3.x for Spark as mentioned in the documentation.
  • Although Delta 2.4.x was released in May and the Delta sink PR got merged in July, there is no direct confirmation on support for these versions.
  • Testing has been done on sinking to Delta 2.4.0 and reading from Spark 3.4.0, which worked fine.
  • It is suggested to introduce RisingWave to the pipeline and provide feedback on any related feature requests or issues encountered.
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