How to enable AVX/AVX2 flag in Vagrant guest OS for SIMD support?

I am facing an issue where my Windows machine supports AVX/AVX2 SIMD instructions, but the Vagrant guest OS (Ubuntu) does not. This is causing a core dump (SIGILL) when running RisingWave via Docker. How can I configure Vagrant to enable the AVX/AVX2 flag in the guest OS, similar to my host computer (Windows 11)?


Jf p

Asked on Jun 30, 2023

  • To enable AVX/AVX2 flag in the Vagrant guest OS for SIMD support, you need to adjust the virtualization settings.
  • Disable the 'Virtualization Based Security Feature' in Windows 11 to allow the guest OS to see AVX/AVX2 instructions.
  • Once the feature is turned off, the guest OS should be able to run the Docker image without issues.
  • Verify that the AVX/AVX2 flag is now enabled in the Vagrant guest OS by running the necessary commands or applications that require SIMD support.
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