How does RisingWave compare to PipelineDB in terms of architecture and ecosystem integrations?

The discussion provides insights into the architectural differences and ecosystem integrations between RisingWave and PipelineDB.


Ralph Matthias Debusmann

Asked on Jun 26, 2023

  1. RisingWave is a distributed streaming database from the beginning, while PipelineDB is a single-node system.
  2. RisingWave is wire compatible with PostgreSQL, offering more flexibility for developing streaming-specific features, whereas PipelineDB is an extension on top of PostgreSQL.
  3. RisingWave has integrations with various big-data and cloud systems like Kafka, Pulsar, Redpanda, Pinot, Druid, ClickHouse, Iceberg, Hudi, Deltalake, while PipelineDB's integrations are limited to PostgreSQL's ecosystem.
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