How to Limit Memory Usage in RisingWave with Docker Deployment?

I'm using RisingWave with Docker and I've noticed that the memory usage is consistently increasing, which eventually requires me to shut down RisingWave to avoid running out of memory. I'm joining two sources and sinking the output. How can I keep memory use bounded in this setup?


John Garland

Asked on Oct 18, 2023

To limit memory usage in RisingWave when using Docker, you can set a memory limit for the compute node by appending the following lines to your Docker configuration (change the number to your expected limit):

- "6979321856",```

This will help to prevent RisingWave from consuming all available memory on your Docker VM. Additionally, consider using time window functions or temporal joins to manage the state size of streaming joins, as the state size will keep increasing otherwise.
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