Is it possible to run RisingWave on Hashicorp Nomad?

Lars Zwaan is inquiring about the possibility of running RisingWave on Hashicorp Nomad and discussing alternative options like Kubernetes. Yingjun provides insights on the support status and storage mechanisms for RisingWave.


Lars Zwaan

Asked on Apr 10, 2024

  • RisingWave does not have Nomad support at the moment, but it can be evaluated for future implementation.
  • The internal states of RisingWave are always persisted on disk, while data is cached in memory as much as possible.
  • For on-prem deployments, setting up Kubernetes with Minio is possible to store states.
  • RisingWave can run on Redhat OpenShift, and efforts are being made to add it to the OpenShift catalog.
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