Is Postgres ready to use as a meta store alternative for etcd in RisingWave?

Stefan Negele mentioned seeing support for Postgres as a meta store alternative for etcd but missed documentation on it. He wants to know if it is ready to use in RisingWave.


Stefan Negele

Asked on Apr 08, 2024

  • Currently, you have to use etcd as the backend for the meta node.
  • In the future, RW plans to switch to using SQL DBs instead of etcd.
  • Postgres has been used with some success for several weeks now, providing better functionality than etcd for many reasons.
  • For production environments, it is recommended to wait for a future release as the team is still working on improving test coverage over the SQL backend in the current version.
  • Testing Postgres as a meta store alternative in a test environment and providing feedback is welcome.
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